UD Quon CW 25 360 UD Quon CW 25 360

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  • Model: CW25360VAA
    Specifications: Power: 263 kW (357 PS) @ 2200 rpm
    Torque: 1428 Nm (1055 lb.ft) @ 1200 rpm
    Transmission: ESCOT-VI automated manual transmission (AMT)
    Suspension: Air bag suspension
    Wheelbase: 5700 mm* (V-wheelbase)
    GVM: 25,000 kg
    GCM: 25,000 kg
    Note: CW 25 360 shown may not be representative of actual vehicle.
    *Wheelbase measurements are from steer axle to first drive axle.
  • Model: GH8TA
    Layout: 6 in-line
    Maximum power: 263 kW (357 PS) @ 2200 rpm
    Maximum torque: 1428 Nm (1055 lb.ft) @ 1200 rpm
    Bore X stroke: 110 mm x 135 mm
    Displacement: 7697 cc (8 litres)
    Emission standard: PNLT (Equivalent to Euro 6 emission requirements)
    PTO Capacity: 600 Nm @ 100% (PTER-DIN)
  • Clutch: Type: Single plate
    Disc diameter: 430 mm (17")
  • Transmission: Make: UD Trucks
    Model: ESCOT-VI (AT2612F)
    Description: Automated manual transmission (AMT), 12 forward & 2 reverse gears
    Shift type: Electronic shifter with fully automatic or manual control
    Gear Ratios:
    1st 14.94 7th 3.44
    2nd 11.73 8th 2.70
    3rd 9.04 9th 2.08
    4th 7.09 10th 1.63
    5th 5.54 11th 1.27
    6th 4.35 12th 1.00
    Rev 1 17.48 Rev 2 13.73
    PTO capacity: 1000 Nm @ 70% or 90% (PTR-D)
  • Type: Front axle load limit: 8200 kg
    Final gear ratio: 3.40, 3.78 or 4.13
    Reduction type: Single reduction
  • Model (rear): RTS2370A
    Rear axle load limit: 21000 kg
    Final gear ratio: 3.40, 3.78 or 4.13
    Reduction type: Single reduction
  • Type: Front: Parabolic leaf spring suspension
    Road Friendly Certificate: RF2099
  • Type: Rear: UD Trucks electronically controlled, 8 bag air suspension
    Road Friendly Certificate: RF2099
  • Type: System type: Electronic Braking System (EBS) with disc brakes
    Front/Rear: 430 mm rotors / 430 mm rotors
    Parking/Emergency Brake: Spring park brake
    Auxiliary Brake: Engine brake including exhaust pressure governor
  • Type: Hydraulic assist
  • Tyre: Tyre brand: Bridgestone
    Standard tyre size front: 295/80 R22.5
    Standard tyre size rear: 11 R22.5
    Option front: 275/70 R22.5
    Option rear: 275/70 R22.5
    Wheelbase: 5700 mm* (V-wheelbase)
  • Fuel Tank: Capacity: 400 litres (2x200 litre aluminium tanks with lockable caps on LHS)
  • Major Dimensions: UD-Air : Variant
    GVM: 25000
    GCM: 25000
    WB: 5700
    TWB: 6385
    OL: 11474
    OW: 2490
    OH: 2970
    Turning Radius (kerb to kerb): 9800
  • Quon Unique Features:
    Smart Fuel Efficiency and Respect for the Environment.
    GH8 engine: fuel efficient, powerful and clean.
    Smart Uptime
    Quon has been designed to further optimise uptime, with superior reliability and increased maintenance intervals.
    Smart Safety
    Active safety with mechanical and electronic features throughout.
    Smart Productivity
    Light weight chassis helping to maximise payload.
    Smart Drivability
    The cabin has been designed with the user''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s comfort in mind, with outstanding ergonomics and visibility allowing the driver to concentrate on driving.
    Standard warranty: 36 months / 500,000 kms
    Cab corrosion warranty: 36 months / unlimited kms
    Extended Protection Plan:
    An Extended Protection Plan is available for purchase within 60 days of the vehicle purchase. For more information contact your dealership.
    * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised UD Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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