UD Condor PW 24 280 UD Condor PW 24 280

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  • Model: CONDOR PW24280WAA
    GVM*: 23,500 kg
    GCM: 28,000 kg
    Power: 206 kW @ 2,500 rpm
    Torque: 883 Nm @ 1,400 rpm
    Transmission: Allison 6 speed automatic
    Suspension: UD Trucks 6 Rod Trunnion, Hendrickson HAS460
  • Engine: Make: UD Trucks
    Model: GH7TB
    Description: 4 cycle, direct injection, diesel engine with overhead cam, 4 valves per cylinder, water cooled and intercooler with variable turbocharging system.
    Cylinders: 6 in-line
    Total piston displacement: 7,013 cc (7 litres)
    Bore x stroke: 110 mm x 123 mm
    Compression ratio: 17.5:1
    Max. Power (ECE Net): 206 kW (280 ps) @ 2,500 rpm
    Max. Power (JIS Gross est.): 214 kW (291 ps) @ 2,500 rpm
    Max. Torque (ECE Net): 883 Nm (651 lb/ft) @ 1,400 rpm
    Max. Torque (JIS Gross est.): 917 Nm (676 lb/ft) @ 1,400 rpm
    Max. governed engine speed: 2,600 rpm
    Lubrication system: Forced oil feed by gear pump, flat tube oil cooler, full flow and bi-pass oil filters with replaceable
    elements and 17 litre capacity
    Compressed air system: Water cooled reciprocating type, single cylinder air compressor with air dryer
    Cooling System: Forced feed by centrifugal water pump, wax pellet type thermostat with bypass. Aluminium corrugated fin type radiator with cab front bonnet mounted reserve tank and a 600 mm diameter 11 blade viscous coupling cooling fan
    Exhaust and Emission Control: Emission standard: ADR80/03 (Euro 5 emission standard)
    Emission system: Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
    AdBlue® capacity: 50 litre polymer tank with lockable cap mounted on LHS
    Exhaust system: RHS chassis mounted muffler/catalytic converter with horizontal rear facing exhaust discharge
    Torque Converter: Make: Allison
    Model: TC 415
    Description: One stage, three element, polyphase. Includes standard integral damper with lock-up function
    Stall torque ratio: 2.35
  • Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic
    Make: Allison Generation 5
    Model: 3500
    Description: Six forward speeds and one reverse. Fully automatic Allison Gen 5 adaptive shift with power and EcoFleet modes
    Shift type: Electronic push button controller
    Gear ratios:
    1st 4.59
    2nd 2.25
    3rd 1.54
    4th 1.00
    5th 0.75
    6th 0.65
    Rev 5.00
    PTO capability: Flywheel type drive with LHS and RHS openings 660 Nm using one opening, or 930 Nm total using both openings
    Electronic Brake Interface (EBI): Transmission assisted engine braking effort when exhaust
    brake is activated
    Performance (Calculated): 6 speed Allison automatic with 6.140 diff ratio and 11R 22.5" tyres
    Max road speed: 100 km/h (ADR65/00 - speed limited)
    Gradeability 1st gear: 41.9%
    Gradeability top gear: 1.6%
    Est rpm @ 100 km/h: 2088
  • Front Axle and Suspension System: Axle make: UD Trucks
    Description: Drop forged steel “I” section beam, “ELLIOT” type
    Suspension: Long taper leaf spring with anchor at front and shackle at rear
    Dimensions (mm): 80 mm x 1,400 mm
    Number of leaves: 3
    Spring constant: 343 N/mm (35.0 kg/mm)
    Shock absorbers: 2 telescopic double acting
    Max. ground capacity: Refer to the Load Capacity Summary
  • Rear Axle and Suspension: Axle make: Meritor
    Model: MT 44-144GP
    Type: Fully floating pressed steel banjo type housing with tandem single drive
    Gear type: Single reduction hypoid Gear
    Traction Aid: DCDL - Driver Controlled Differential Lock. IADL - Inter Axle Differential Lock
    Final reduction ratio: 6.140:1
  • Suspension: Long taper leaf spring with anchor at front and shackle at rear
  • Leaf Suspension (P W/B): Description: Trunion mounted, multi leaf springs with 6 torque rods
    Leaf dimensions (mm): 90 mm x 1320 m,
    Number of leaves: 8 per side
    Spring constant: 2,340 Nm (239 kg/mm)
    Max. ground capacity: Refer to the Load Capacity Summary
    Air Suspension (W W/B): Description: Hendrickson HAS460 - Road Friendly compliant
    Air spring diameter: 320 mm
    Number of springs: 4 airbags
    Spring constant: 125 N/mm (12.8 kg/mm)
    Shock absorbers: 4 telescopic double acting
    Road Friendly Certification Number (RFCN): RF2005.
    Max. ground capacity: Refer to the Load Capacity Summary
  • Type: WABCO 4 channel ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
    Description: Full air brake, dual line system, with aluminium air tanks
    Front: Automatic adjusting taper roller drum brakes
    Rear: Meritor Q Plus Cam Brakes
    Air pressure: 7.2 - 8.5 kg/cm2
    Drum diameter: Front: 410 mm
    Rear: 419 mm
    Lining Area: Front: 2,480 cm2
    Rear: 5,600 cm2
    Total: 8,080 cm2
    Park brakes: Hand operated pneumatically controlled spring park brake on drive axles
    Auxiliary brake: Butterfly type exhaust brake
  • Type: Recirculating ball and screw with hydraulic assist
    Steering gear ratio: 22.42:1
    Column: Adjustable, tilt and telescopic control
    Steering wheel: 460 mm diameter with ignition key steering lock
  • Wheels: Pressed steel disc type 8.25" x 22.5" rim with 165 mm offset - ISO 10 stud pattern (335 mm PCD)
    Front tyres: Single 295/80R 22.5" Dunlop SP350, regroovable
    Rear tyres: P W/B Dual 11R 22.5" Dunlop SP431 regroovable, W W/B Dual 11R 22.5" Dunlop SP343 regroovable
    Spare tyre: 295/80/22.5 Dunlop SP350 regroovable
    P W/B mounted on LHS chassis
    W W/B mounted at rear of chassis
    Note: Mass is an estimation only based on standard model, includes fluids (not diesel fuel or AdBlue®), Spare tyre carrier and spare, excludes tools and driver.
    Based on vehicle with standard 295/80R 22.5" front and 11R 22.5" rear tyres
  • Injection type: Ultra high pressure common rail injection system
    Filtration: Chassis mounted primary and engine mounted secondary
    Capacity: P W/B, 200L steel tank with lockable cap, LHS chassis
    W W/B 2 x 200L steel tank with lockable cap, LHS chassis
    Air filtration: Primary dry paper element air filter on RHS under cab
    Air intake: High mounted RHS air intake
  • Construction: Ladder, channel type double skin chassis construction
    Width: 860 mm
    Side rail dimensions: 250 mm x 80 mm x 8 mm +
    234 mm x 72 mm x 6 mm (W W/B only)
    Material: Pressed high tensile carbon steel
    Rail data: Tensile: 55 kg/mm2
    Yield: 38 kg/mm2
    Modilus: Refer to Body Manual
    *udtrucks.coYield Modulusm.au
  • Electrical: Power: 24 volt, negative ground system
    Battery capacity: 2 x 12 volt 120 Ah batteries mounted on LHS chassis
    Alternator: 110 amp with built in IC regulator
  • GVM: 23,500
    GCM: 28,000
    Wheelbase: 6,710
    Wheelbase Code: W
    Turning radius (kerb to kerb): 11,700
    Axle: Front (kg): 6,500
    Airbag: 20,000
    Rear(kg) / Leaf:20,000
    Steering/suspension: Front (kg): 6,500
    Airbag: 18,000
    Rear(kg) / Leaf:20,000
    Front: 7,100
    Airbag: 23,200
    Rear (kg) / leaf: 23,200
    Max. ground capacity*: Front: 6,500
    Airbag: 18,000
    Rear(kg) / Leaf:20,000
  • External Cabin:
    Description: Aerodynamically designed, forward control, pressed steel construction cab with 45° torsion bar cab tilt
    Mounting type: Spring suspended cab with 2 dual acting shock absorbers
    Crash test standard: ECE-R29 compliant
    Cab paint: Standard – Jumping White (W33)
    Doors: 90° opening, steel construction with side intrusion beams
    Inspection points: All daily inspections can be carried out without lifting the cab from the front opening inspection panel
    Bumper type: 2 piece pressed steel and fibre-glass air dam front bumper
    Mirrors: Heated and electrically operated LH and RH main mirrors with wide vision spot mirrors and passenger side down facing spot mirror
    Front view mirror: Left-hand side close-view spotter mirror
    Lamps: Halogen multi-reflector head lamps, ADR49/00 bumper mounted fog lamps, ADR49/00 roof mounted clearance lights
    Glass: Tinted front, side and rear
    Wipers: Double arm, 2 speed wipers with intermittent operation and integrated washers
    Reversing system: Rear facing reverse light and audible warning alarm, infra-red camera with microphone
    Internal Cabin:
    Lighting: Single ON/OFF/DOOR interior lights with an independent 720 mm x 140 mm fluorescent lamp
    Standard Seat Capacity: 3 occupant seats - 2 outer seats with retractable 3 point seat belts, centre seat with adjustable lap belt
    Driver seat: CVG multi-adjustable, air suspended with automatic height control and adjustable shock absorber
    Passenger seat(s): Flat folding LH assistant seat with lift up base, Flat folding centre seat with back of seat storage
    Sleeping capability: ADR42/04 compliant sleeper bunk with mattress (full cab curtains)
    Side windows: Power operated door glass
    Security: Remote keyless central locking
    Air conditioning: Adjustable temperature control with multi-speed fan
    Audio system: 6.1” Touch Screen, Digital Radio DAB+, Inbuilt 32G Hard Drive, 4 Camera inputs incl. option forIR night vision and multiple component inputs, SD, USB, CD, DVD, 3.5mm 3-way speakers
    Telematics: Fleet Max Plus CAN and GPS vehicle data reporting
    Cub holders: 2 centre mounted cup-holders. RH and LH door mounted bottle-holders, additional 2 back of centre seat cup holders
    Storage: Driver and passenger overhead consoles (6 litres each) with lids, 10 litre back of centre seat storage box with lid, Driver and passenger door pockets
    Power outlets: 24 volt 240 W cigarette lighter/power outlet
    Accessory fitment: Two DIN sized compartments for accessory fitment
    Floor coverings: Vinyl
    Factory Optional Equipment (indent order):
    Fuel Capacity: 200 litre LHS chassis mounted auxiliary tank with lockable cap. P W/B only
    Seating: Large centre console (replaces centre seat)
    Engine/ PTO control: Electronic engine governor control with external control lever
    Cab paint: Custom paint colours (up to 3 colours per cab)
    Dealer Fit Optional Equipment:
    Rear engine PTO: 343 Nm torque capacity @ 120% engine speed, 343 Nm torque capacity @ 85% engine speed
    Transmission PTO: Specific to application refer to dealer
    Cameras: Up to 3 additional cameras connected to the in-dash multimedia unit
    ECE-R29 Cab Strength Compliant, Drivers SRS airbag and seat belt pretensioner, WABCO ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), Allison Generation 5 Automatic transmission, ADR84/00 (ECE-R93) integrated Front Underrun Protection (FUPS), Fleet Max Plus telematics system, Multi adjustable air suspended driver seat, Cruise control, Touch screen multimedia with SD, USB, CD, DVD, 3.5mm inputs, ADR42 compliant sleeper cab and mattress, Heated and
    electronically operated external mirrors
    ECE-R29 Cab strength compliant
    ADR84/00 (ECE-R93) integrated Front Underrun Protection (FUPS)
    SRS drivers airbag with seat belt pretensioner
    WABCO ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
    Electrically operated and heated mirrors
    360° visibility with up to 4 optional cameras
    Standard warranty+ 36 months/200,000 kms + For details refer to udtrucks.com.au
    Cab corrosion warranty+ 36 months/unlimited kms ++Covers selected items only. For details refer to udtrucks.com.au
    Optional Extended warranty++ 60 months/350,000 kms
    *Rated GVM and axle capacities are subject to Federal, State and Territory legal requirements.
    Standard Driver Aids:
    Safety equipment: ECE-R29 Cab strength compliant, ADR84/00 (ECE-R93) Front Underrun Protection, System compliance (FUPS), SRS driver steering wheel airbag, SRS driver seat belt pretensioner, ABS – Anti-lock Brake System
    Instrumentation: Fully electronic, CAN-BUS instrument system including speedometer, tachometer (with economical green driving band), fuel, temperature, AdBlue® level and independent front and rear air circuit pressure gauges., Digital odometer display with dual trip function
    Warning systems: Up to 22 visual warning lamps plus up to 38 different written warnings displayed on the LCD screen., In conjunction 13 audible tones are used
    Driver assistance: Driver''''''''''''''''s Information System (DIS) displaying useful vehicle data including: date/time, engine temperature oil pressure, voltmeter, trip information, along with service intervals for engine, transmission, differentials,
    belts and air filter. Electronic stalk mounted cruise control. GPS satellite navigation with HEREMAP
    "truck" mapping
    * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised UD Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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